The bonfire was lit on wednesday evening.  Thanks to Sally and Kieran Kerin, Penny Smith, Angela Smith, Andy Freeman , Maureen Wale and Sarah Edmondson for their help in re-stacking the bonfire material and feeding the controlled burn.

No more material is to be taken to the Orchard area.

The survey and plans for the orchard area development will be presented for discussion at the AGM on 9th November.

AGM 9th November 7pm at the Guildhall

The AGM is a chance for all members to participate in the decisions taken to maintain our unique site.  Please come along and show your support for the improvements planned for the coming year. The Annual Report and Agenda are attached.   They are also posted in the minutes section together with the minutes of the 2015 AGM circulated earlier.

The Society does not have a written Constitution.  A proposed constitution, encapsulating the Societies current practice under the Management Agreement with the Council, is attached to the Annual Report, to be approved at the AGM.

Claire Belsom, Chair of Faversham Town Council Allotment Management Group (FTCAMG) with whom we are arranging the new Management Agreement, will introduce herself to the membership at the AGM.  The group have already visited the site and given assistance with planning applications.   You may have seen the informative article Claire has written on the visit in the Autumn edition of Faversham Voice


work party 16th October

Further areas of bullrush were cleared to gain access to water, using the newly acquired underwater brush cutter, thanks to Bob Gomes and Noel Perkins.  Ricky Roberts, Sally and Kieran Kerin cleared rubbish from the recently reclaimed brick store.  This has now been surveyed and repairs will commence shortly.
General clearance was delayed by the weather.  The bonfire will be delayed a week.


The next work party, on sunday 16th October, will concentrate of clearing the Brick Shed by plot 20, ready for renovation as the Society’s site store, and further clearance of bullrushes in the north reach.  Contact the Secretary, details on contacts, if you wish to help and receive further details.

It will also be your last chance to take advantage of the bonfire in  the old orchard area.  Plot holders can take any timber and dry non-compostable material and prunings arising from their plots, and add them to the one off bonfire arranged this year.  The bonfire will be lit at the first opportunity after next weekend, subject to  suitable weather conditions.

Once the bonfire has been lit, no further material is to be deposited in the orchard.


Despite the inclement weather and shortage of apples this year, the event went off as planned.  The demonstration table processed 180lb of washed apples, producing 7 gallons of juice, over 3 hours.  We were well fortified with a constant supply of sausages from the BBQ run by Andy Freeman.

When the sun came out, there were plenty of visitors happy to help extract juice, sample the wares, and enjoy the BBQ.  There was a lively interest in the process, so it is planned to repeat the event next year.  There may even be some samples of the cider produced from the juice extracted yesterday.

Thanks to Andy, Sarah Edmondson, Sally and Kieran Kerin, for ignoring the rain and making the event such a success.

We are also grateful to Faversham Homebrew for the loan of the second press, made available for other allotment holders to press their own juice.

Apple day and picnic sunday 9th october from 11am

Another new social event planned for this year to take advantage of the abundance of unused apples seen around the site last year.  Please come along and meet up with fellow allotment holders.

While apples are being processed, there will be a sausage BBQ to complement your picnic.  Bring your own food and drink, watch how the pressing progresses, cadge some juice, and plan to join in a larger event, including a bigger communal press to be available next year.

At present, two table presses and a scratter will be available to process and extract juice from your clean, washed apples.  You will be shown how to operate the equipment, but will need to bring containers for the juice.

If you wish to take the opportunity to juice some fruit, please contact the Secretary, details on CONTACT US page, to ensure there will be sufficient time and equipment for everyone on the day.

See the poster attached for full details.


work party sunday 8th september


This concentrated on completing the clear up of the orchard area ready for the October bonfire, plus planting of wild flower areas in the main drive.  Thanks to Sally and Kieran Kerin, Adrian Ferrell, Andy Freeman, Marion Ripley, Noel Perkins, Louise Lees, Margaret Law, Bob Gomes and Isabel, and John Gould.  The work party was great fun and made an enormous contribution to improving the site.

The next work party is to take advantage of the bonfire.  Please join us for a final clear up of the site.

The most picturesque allotments in south-east England. A haven not just for gardeners but also for bees, butterflies and birds, particularly waterfowl.