Recent cold weather arrivals

During the recent cold spell we were lucky enough to be visited by a Great White Egret. This large all white heron is about the size of the Grey Heron but more elegant with a longer neck and legs. It is almost twice the size of the more familiar Little Egret. In most years the Great White Egret has started to become a regular visitor to the UK. Its numbers have increased in the recent twenty years and it has now started to nest in a few sites in GB. The snow and freezing conditions appear to have forced the egrets off frozen inland wetlands or perhaps triggered an influx from the continent; up to 9 were seen on the coastal marshes in the Faversham area. One of these visited the allotments on Sun 14th Feb. when I was lucky to obtain some photographs. It was, however, seen off by our local Grey Heron that appeared not to want to share its favourite fishing spot!

Cormorants also moved onto Stonebridge Pond during the freeze. Normally we see just one or two occasionally, but there were up to 14 on the pond during the cold spell.

Great White Egret
Great White Egret and Grey Heron
Cormorants on platform