Work Party Sunday 20th November


The work party will concentrate on further bullrush clearance in the north reach.  Bob Gomes will lead the team, with Bob and Noel in the punt using the underwater brush cutter, and other members of the team using grappling irons to pull the cut rushes to the bank for transfer to the composting area by barrow.

If you wish to volunteer and join us, wear suitable clothing, including boots and gloves.  On the day, do not rush, be aware of others around you, and remember to keep wet objects away from your face.  Bob will run through the work to be done and assign tasks on the day.

We will also be clearing out the brick store by plot 20.  Anyone wanting to help, but not fancying splashing around by the stream, can join us there.

Work parties are great fun and carry out essential maintenance and improvements to our unique site.  It is surprising how much can be achieved in a few hours by a dedicated team.  Please join us.

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