A Minor Drama on the creek

Sunday 6th March

Emergency fire services vehicles and volunteers from British Divers Marine Life Rescue rushed to the top of Faversham Creek early on Sunday morning after being alerted to a Common Dolphin that had stranded in shallow water just below the outfall from the allotments.

Up to four fire service vehicles attended including the specialist animal rescue vehicle based in Faversham.

Thanks to a good team effort from the two services the animal was rescued successfully and taken to the Harty Ferry slipway at Oare Marshes where it was released into the Swale. Allotment Society members who were angling in the Swale on Saturday were treated to the sight of 4 – 5 dolphins east of Sheerness, so perhaps this unlucky youngster had become separated from the family pod.

Many thanks to the local Fire Service and BDMLR who responded so promptly and whose efforts resulted in a happy ending.

Road closure for Dolphin Rescue
Loading the Dolphin onto the rescue vehicle for transport to the Swale

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