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Local work party completes stream clear by their plot


Alan Pordage and family have completed the clearance of the stream formerly blocked by bullrushes adjacent his plot.

Alan, with the help of his daughter, Donna and her husband have completed the work started in May, to open up the stream which has been blocked for 15 years or more. The bullrushes are being composted in the enclosure at the end of the main drive, set aside for this specific purpose.

The earlier work cleared one side of the stream and linked to similar clearance by Noel Perkins further west along the stream carried out last year.  The new tenants of plot 12, Dee and Nathan Thomas, plan to extend the work to the east by their plot later in the year.

The committee congratulate them for this important initiative intended to restore and enhance the site.


plant swap and picnic


This was another successful event, with a stream of plants carried in and out by happy tenants, new and old.

Thanks to Noel Perkins for organising the event, Margy Perkins and others for the tasty array of snacks on offer, and Andy Freeman for the constant supply of tea and coffee, and offerings from his family barbecue.

This is the second year the event has been held, and is now a much-anticipated annual event.

plotholders clean stream

Alan Pordage and family have cleared the stream by plot 14A, utilising the new facility to compost the bullrushes close by.  This extends the section of stream opened up by Noel Perkins last year.

The committee have thanked the family on behalf of the membership for this welcome contribution to solving a long term problem.  Medway River Board advisers to Swale have been unable to suggest any other alternative to the hard slog of cutting and lifting the reeds from this isolated waterway.

It is hoped to clear the two remaining sections at each end of this waterway later in the year, to restore the active flow.